Captured Moments

Captured Moments
1st March


Paintings by Alan Burgess which evoke moments when a stretch of landscape or a single tree took on a special significance. This is an exhibition full of lively paintings in a variety of media.
Also on view are ceramics by John Mathieson.


“One cannot, of course, fully capture a moment; time moves on. Nor can one fully explain why a stretch of landscape, a particular play of light or even an individual tree takes on significance; these things seem about to say something. Suffice to respond to the experience and try to express the essential qualities of the subject in a coherent work of art.

These moments do not need new settings and that is how I continue to find inspiration in familiar settings such as the landscape around Roydon where I have lived a long time or two locations which I frequently visit in the Lake District.

Trees are especially important for me. At times I have sought out notable examples and have, for instance, painted all of the Fifty Great British chosen by the Tree Council spread across the U.K. or the magnificent oaks in the park at Hatfield House. However, apparently unremarkable trees, in the right light, can also have a hypnotic quality.

Kandinsky saw the evolution of a painting as the artist having an experience and finding the form so that the viewer in turn shares that experience. This is what I aim to achieve.”


While teaching in London, John started making pots at evening class and was instantly fascinated by clay. A year later he began teaching pottery at secondary level, and has since taken a degree in ceramics. After leaving full-time work in education, he taught adult classes, in a college, and in a prison. He is the author of Raku and Techniques Using Slips, both published by A&C Black.

John makes individual pieces and some domestic ware in reduced stoneware and porcelain, using a variety of slips and glazes, firing to cone 10 in a gas kiln; he has also worked extensively in slipware and raku.