Finding Words

Finding Words
22nd February

22nd February - 1st April
A journey of communication by Jo Howe
This exhibition is a collection of work made from paper, books and painting, exploring conscious and unconscious processing - thought provoking and emotive work. Her work explores frustrations in human communication, seeking to express the difficulty of speaking without being heard.
'Art to me is using my voice without opening my mouth’
She selects materials carefully by considering the aesthetic quality of text and relevance of the book's title, working with old manuscripts that bear the physical imperfections and aromas of past human handling and thus retain a human presence. Colour, form and movement express things that sometimes she does not have the words for.
Over time, Jo's work evolved to incorporate colour, first with paper cuts and now with paint. Jo has always utilised colour as part of her studio practice and this has been an essential tool in her working methodology. This will be the first opportunity to view her paintings.