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Bronwyn Oldham

Influenced by the work of the old 17th Century Dutch masters, such as Ambrosious Bosschaert & Rachel Ruysch, as well as renowned photographers Imogen Cunningham & Robert Mapplethorpe, I too, am instinctively drawn to flowers, their beautiful colours, feminine forms and powerful presence in all our lives.
As a Fine Art Photographer, I limit the amount of digital manipulation I practice in my work, preferring to capture the exact 'moment in time'. I have been working on a very personal series of photographic works entitled 'Senescence' for a while. As I begin to observe and capture the changes over time of these fading blooms, so I being to accept the inevitability that besets us all with the passing of time. Mother Nature gently taking my hand and guiding me through the ageing process!
29 Olivia Drive
Leigh-on-Sea SS9 3EF
'Blue triptych'
'50 shades of grey'
'Raspberry ripple'