ENAS Events: Cuckoo Farm Talk and Film Screening

ENAS Events: Cuckoo Farm Talk and Film Screening
13th September

Saturday13 September 2014, from 7pm, FREE
Chris Marker: An Artist You Should Know About

Screening of La Jetée with introductory talk by Chris Meigh-Andrews

This presentation is a tribute to the French artist and filmmaker Chris Marker, (Christian François Bouche-Villeneuve) who died in 2012 aged 91. Marker was also a writer, photographer, documenter and film essayist who was most closely associated with the Left Bank Cinema movement of the late 1950s. Video artist, writer and Cuckoo Farm studio holder Chris Meigh-Andrews will screen and introduce La Jetée (The Pier) made in 1962, which is considered one of Marker’s most influential and important films.La Jetée tells of a post-nuclear war experiment in time travel using a series of filmed photographs developed as a photomontage of varying pace, with limited narration and sound effects.

Please note: this is an outdoor screening on a farm so please check the weather forecast in advance and wear appropriate footwear.

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