'The Travelling Sketchbook'

Karen Jones


One book, one summer of art and 92 Essex artists.
With no ego and no agenda this art book has been created to be passed along from artist to artist over the summer of 2018. It will start off in Chelmsford and then carry on throughout the county of Essex, by hand and word from artist to artist.
The hope is that at the end of the year the book that is created will be RE-created in some shape or form for a wider audience, funding allowing!
There is no brief, but there are some rules:
The book is yours for a day so make the most of your one blank page.
Write your name and location on your page – it’s up to you if you wish to put contact information.
Use only one page, the next following on from the previous artwork.
Handle with care; it has to go through many hands.
You accept that all the contents [without exceptions] may be published and you give authorisation for this.

The final artist on the final page must return the book to:
Andrew Ward, Cultural Development Officer, Essex Records Office, Wharf Road, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 6YT.
You can follow the progress of the Travelling Sketchbook by posting your images on social media tagging in Hive Artist Studios.

If possible please email image/s [high res if you can] with your name to:
[email protected]