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The Hive

foundation studio
The Hive

Created in September 2010 and set amongst quirky industrial units and circa 1950’s corrugated iron sheds resides a gem - The Hive Artist Studios, a shared studio space run by a dedicated group of established artists.
Each Hive Artist has been selected for their talent, diversity, the standard of their artwork and the desire to forward their artistic practice.
Bucking against the trend this small, independent group of ten studio artists and four affiliated artists are creating, selling and exhibiting beautiful pieces of artwork at affordable prices.

The studios began life when a group of artists decided that the time was right to join forces and find a space that allowed artists the freedom to create in a supportive environment. At first there were concerns that a shared studio space might be distracting, but as it’s turned out, this very concern has now become one of the assets of the Hive studios, both inspiring and rewarding.

Often, new units surrounding the studios become available and the Hive Artist Studios hope that in the future other creative groups will wish to band together – set up a sister studio and really put Chelmsford on the creative map!

The Hive Artist Studios are extremely proud to be one of the ‘Founding Studios’ in the Essex Network of Artist Studios and hope to forge new friendships and alliances with artists and studios across Essex. Already a bond has been made with Gatehouse Arts and The Hive Artists are grateful for the opportunity of exhibiting at their gallery in a group exhibition twice in the past two years.

Sculpture, book art and Illustration are held throughout the year. There is the option for workshops to be held at other venues, educational workshops and one to one tutorials. To find out more and keep in touch with The Hive Artist Studios activities join our mailing list. To avoid disappointment please e mail the artist you would like to meet in advance as viewing is by appointment.

To become an Affiliated Artist of The Hive Artist Studios, applicants must be a practicing artist and either be a past member of the studios, be nominated by a resident Hive artist and/or have a commitment to the studio and desire to see the Hive thrive. In addition, all Hive Artists must have Public Liability Insurance (we suggest a-n membership insurance scheme).

Application to become an Affiliate Artist is by selection as the Hive Artist Studios place great importance on there being a variety of differing art styles.
The success of the studios has been largely due to the diversity of artists and the very high standard of work produced. Whether you are early/mid/late career we are happy to view your application, all are carefully and respectfully considered by the resident artists at dedicated studio meetings.


Opening Times: 
Not open to the public but visits can be arranged by prior appointment.
Availability of space: 
The studio is one large[ish] open space divided into 3m sections. All the artists are amazed how well the 'Open Space' system works - and has gone a long way, we believe, to creating the positive, supportive, creative environment at The Hive.