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Anna Masters

Anna Masters is a London-based visual artist, whose practice ranges from large, hanging installations to detailed, realist oil paintings.
Masters' works draw significant inspiration from the natural world, focussing particularly on small details that are easily overlooked - such as insects, butterrflies, petals. Her love of pattern and design are recognisable throughout her portfolio in her compositions. Consistent throughout Anna's practice is a sensitivity towards material and form; whether working on a large installation or painting tiny insects, there is a tenderness and attention to detail which is recognisable throughout her portfolio. The works centre on repetitive (almost obsessive) processes. Often notable within her work is a sense of temporality and displacement, whilst the delicate nature of her works allow her to employ light, pattern and texture as integral subjects within the work. Her installations employ natural materials, suspended mid-air in a snap-shot of an inexplicable moment in time. Similarly, her paintings employ such a degree of detail and study that they become almost impossibly still; though realist, the static nature of the works removes them from the natural order of life and the movement of time. In 2010, she delved into public art, creating The Elephant in the Room as part of Elephant Parade, London; which went on to become London's largest outdoor art event on record. The Parade was organised by conservation charity, Elephant Family, the UK's biggest funder for the endangered Asian elephant. Anna has continued to work with Elephant Family on subsequent projects, including Jungle City 2011 in Edinburgh, and The Faberge Egg Hunt 2012. She has also been commissioned by the City of London Festival and created an elephant for the Elephant Parade National Tour 2013/14.
Anna Masters 'Gift' Mixed-Media
Anna Masters 'Storm' Mixed Media Sculpture
Anna Masters 'Brillobird' Oil on Board
Anna Masters 'Night Call' Mixed Media
Anna Masters 'Condensed Ladybird' Oil on Board
Anna Masters 'Fever' Mixed Media