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Janette Lazell

I am an artist specialising in working with metal; forged mild steel, stainless steel, steel and copper wires and stainless steel woven wire cloth. My interests in photography and textiles have provided me with inspiration for metal sculptures and I am now using my photographic images as inspiration for fabrics.
My work is inspired by nature and brings together lifelong passions for gardens, design, craft and photography. My sculptural work and photography are based upon observations of nature; form, texture, colour, pattern and the effect of light; reflections and shadows. My interest in photography, particularly abstract patterns and light and shadow on water and glass provide me with inspiration to create metal sculptures and woven and digitally printed silks. I am also interested in unusual textiles, I create metal leaves out of stainless steel woven wirecloth. Looking at the familiar from a different perspective and attention to detail are important aspects of my work.