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Lesley DeFreitas

A fashion practitioner creating contemporary luxury womenswear
After completing a BA hons in Fashion Design Womenswear at London's prestigious Central Saint Martins, London born and bred de Freitas cut her teeth at BOUDICCA where she honed her craft and own design aesthetic, tempered with the perfection and culture she had absorbed from her time there. Her collections of luxury contemporary womenswear since graduation have been critically acclaimed, and have featured in Diane Pernet's Paris Diary // ASVOF // Vogue Italia // AnOther Loves // Vogue Italia Talents - Fashion for the Young - Best Projects ( ), with a full feature in the LA Fashion Magazine. ( ) de Freitas works alongside industry professionals and dresses recording artists and celebrities. Her AW14 'Shadows of Remembrance' collection's research centred on how our past influences our futures, how we change and react. Picasso's 'les demoiselles d'Avignon' (1907) came from a point in history where Modernism within fine art was born. This work, is in direct contrast with Shaina Craft's series 'Experiments in Flesh' ( contemporary paintings where digital art is blurred with traditional painting; where images are overlaid in the essence of cubism's original concepts, in a relief of shadows, ghosts and movement. Both artists have influenced the feeling and essence of the collection of evening gowns, cocktail dresses and separates; whereas 'les demoiselles' uses geometry and sharp angles in seductive and bold strokes, Craft's work influences the fluidity, and feminine sensuality. Both though, echo the DNA of the brand, highlighting the paradox that is womanhood, in all its beautiful guises, in its strength and in vulnerability. These traits have coloured the collection, which comes together using principles from cubism and layered abstracted silhouettes to demonstrate the undressing of the female form, using the body as a landscape for these sharp, and sometimes unexpected combinations. The colour palettes chosen are deliberately bold, sometimes jarring, with luxurious and rich combinations of colour and texture, using the finest wool crepes, antique silk obi, double silk marrocains, shimla silks and rich Thai silks as linings, making the experience of wearing a piece of Lesley de Freitas Couture the epitome of understated luxury.