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Paula MacGregor

Mixed Media Artist in Assemblage and BookWorks I have completed an MA in: Art, Design and the Book - however, my artwork is not in the usual book format, perhaps a more apt description would be that they are ‘assemblages with a narrative’.
'By placing everyday objects out of place new aesthetics occur and new realms are entered' I explore various ways to use archiving, classification and association in my art work, as well as looking at the areas where art and science meet. A recent article in the New York Times referred to this way of working as: ‘the new crossover art' My LinkedIn profile says: Paula MacGregor is an artist, facilitator and project manager with experience in both the voluntary and public sectors. Originally qualified as a pre-school teacher, she then moved into working in the community with Young Offenders and Class One prisoners. During this time Paula realised the power of therapy in creativity. Since then she has obtained various qualifications in counselling and mental health and has gained a distinction in her Masters Degree. Paula is a Mixed Media Artist in: Assemblage and BookWorks - Therapeutic Art Facilitator - Creative Workshop Co-ordinator and Tutor in many different areas - a Community Art Gallery Curator. An advocator of 'You do not have to be able to draw to make art', Paula has honed ways of gently luring people into the wonderful world of creativity, facilitating them to learn new skills which they can use to enrich their own lives. Paula has a passion for working with survivors of abuse in all forms, offering them Empowerment through Creativity. Her experience of being a mother for over 200 cumulative years, has equipped her with large doses of patience, understanding and empathy. This, added to her love of skill sharing in the community, makes Paula an unassuming facilitator who is very flexible and comfortable working with all walks of people.
Pieces of Eight - My Autobiography - this is a large piece of work, based in an artists water colour box. The title, ‘Pieces of Eight’ refers to the fact that I have six children, so there were eight in our family.
Dwelling of the Muses - an intriguing piece of work made in direct response to an invitation to show my work at the 'Recollect 2009' exhibition in London.
Whimsical Jumbles - the mysterious collection of artefacts you can see housed in the secret compartments of this old clock, tell the curious tale of ‘Whimsical Jumbles’ – these words have been chronologically extracted from the Charles Dickens classic work of Master Humphrey’s Clock and are now printed onto the scroll.
The Seamstress, Ivy Sparrow - installation front view - the inspiration: The contents of Ivy’s home were gathered into a series of just ten cardboard boxes by a house clearance company and put into a yard auction 50 miles away, for people to pick over and bid on, this is how Ivy’s life ended.
The Seamstress, Ivy Sparrow - installation back view
Ivy Sparrow - sculptured book front view: a manipulated concertina construction, housed in a slip case.
Ivy Sparrow - sculptured book back view: the heartfelt story of Ivy Sparrow's life
Nine Artists - Nine Lives project: I initiated the idea of this collaborative project, being fascinated by the fact that when a group of artists work on exactly the same brief...
Box 47 - Professor Chambers’ collection of Middle East Artefacts - Nine Artists - Nine Lives: This box of artefacts was found in the vaults of ‘The Hall of Chambers’. Hundreds of extraordinary objects, once part of Professor Chambers’ morbidly curious collection, lie quietly guarding their secrets - I initiated the idea of this collaborative project, being fascinated by the fact that when a group of artists work on exactly the same brief...